Essence J


Foaled: 05-18-06
Sex: Mare
Sire: MPA Giovanni
Dam: Here to Eternety


essence j   Thismare likes to come up out of her shoulder, rock back and motor. Her short back and strong hind end allow her to do this with ease and grace. She has the showy attitude of her father and the athleticism that comes from both sides of her pedigree.


 Essence J
  MPA Giovanni  Da Vinci FM  Versace  Fame VF
 Precious as Gold
 Full Moon Astar  Yahya Matuk
 Amurath Astoria
 Glitzy  FS Ritz  Padrons Psyche
 WA-Miss Shasty
 Camaarlett  Ivanhoe Tsultan
  Here to Eternety   Eternety  Sharem El Sheikh  El Shaklan
 Tomboy  *Hal Gazal
  Shades of Blue  VS Blue Danube  *Bask++
 BH Blue Nile
 Ana Malika  *An Malik



essence j