Verdict J


Foaled: 03-18-2016
Sex: Stallion
Sire: Versace
Dam: Alishahmaal

kola j  
2020 Youth & Mid Summer National Champion
Top 10 Region 11 Junior Western Champion

This exciting young stallion is the next step in the Jerland breeding program.
He is the only son of the great Versace, and the only full brother to Virtuosa MLR.
Virtuosa is the dam of Fa EL Rasheem, the stallion that sold to Dubai stud in the UAE
for over $4,000,000.00.
He has the look, the pedigree and the talent. A superstar in the making!

Verdict J
  Versace  Fame VF +  Bey Shah +  Bay El Bey ++
 Star of Ofir
 Raffoleta-Rose  Raffon ++
 Leta Rose
  Prcious As Gold  *El Shaklan  Shaker El Masri
 Autumn in Gold Classy McCoy +++/
  Alishahmaal  Ali Jamaal  Ruminaja Ali  Shaikh Al Badi
 Bint Magidaa
 Heritage Memory  El Magato
 Heritage Labelle
 NV Alieshah  Bey Shah +  Bay El Bey ++
 Star of Ofir
 Aandraya  Mystr-Rigo