Jerland Arabians :: History



Through my life I have always been fascinated by the animal kingdom. As a small boy I dreamed of owning a horse. My father also possessed some of these same passions. Dad always taught us to appreciate any quality animal of any species or breed. Consequently my passion was more about a great horse than a specific breed. I developed a love for Shetland ponies, to Appaloosas, to Quarter horses, Belgians as well as Arabs. From time to time, we would visit the Burton Arabians farm to see Gazon or Ross Arabians to see Sinbad and Ambassador. Many great people also contributed to the development of this passion.
Princess, my first Quarter horse mare, produced a half Arab buckskin gelding who later broke my jaw in three places, plus a broken arm and back injuries. Despite these minor set backs, my passion didn't wane. Because of Duke I met the Mac Millan family, Pam became my first riding instructor. From them I would acquire Regional performance winner Lamata an Appaloosa mare. The John Mold family, turkey growers for my father, also raised Shetland ponies. Through them I acquired International Champion Grand Bette and o course Old Rosie. My first pony who lived to be 33. Our two oldest children, Daria and Moriah, also learned to ride on her.
Larry, Lida, HermannMy Arabian dream was realized when I acquired Don Johnson's herd, headed by Stallion Gavad. Gavad (Gazon and Vadraff) was full brother to National Champion Raffon. This acquisition also put me into relationships with other Arab owners. The most significant was my relationship with Hermann Blaser. Hermann and I formed an unwritten partnership and alliance. Together we have created horses recognized around the world - Regional and National winners in both halters and performance. LH Garcia, Estoria, Ibn Garcia, Sirnita, and Simply Irresistible to name a few. Today we own a unique band of brood mares. Quality, not quantity, is our ideal. The horse has also been key to the development of the Jerome kids in our household. All have ridden, and our daughters have become excellent riders and competitors. From open shows, through out their 4-H careers, to the Arab circuit, their presence was known. Our granddaughter Arrya also possesses this same "horse craziness". The chapters of this adventure continue, as the excitement is still there after 50 years.