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General Breeding Information & Statement of Fees
SCID & CA Clear

Thank you for your interest in our Reproduction Program here at Jerland Farm.
We are excited about what the upcoming year will bring and look forward to fulfilling your semen requests. For Semen Orders, please contact Larry Jerome at 715 205 0357,or 715 537 5413 , or 715 537 3192. All orders should be placed 24 HOURS prior to the collection day. Semen that is not requested 24 HOURS prior to the collection day cannot be guaranteed. We collect on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. While every attempt to accommodate you will be made, these guidelines must be adhered to.

We offer Counter to Counter same day shipments, but due to the distance from the farm to the airport, the fee is higher to account for the courier to get it there. Also note that these shipments usually do not arrive until later in the evening. The Next Day Shipments are sent by Fed Ex priority overnight and should arrive by 10 AM the day following collection.
It is recommended that you have all of your fees paid prior to needing semen. We do accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express. A 5% handling charge will be applied to all credit card transactions.. Checks or money orders must be received at least one week prior to any shipment. All breeding fees, Equitainer deposits, and shipping fees must be paid in full prior to shipping semen.

Reproduction Fee Schedule

Collection fee: $400.00

Equitainer deposit: $400.00 (refundable)

Next Day Semen Shipment (shipment is sent FedEx Priority Overnight). FedEx charge will be billed or applied to your credit card.

Same Day Semen Shipment $750.00 + Airline charges (Shipment is Couriered to the MSP airport and flown via Delta VIP to your airport for pick up the same day it was collected).

Frozen Semen $400.00 per dose.

On Farm Insemination

Fresh/cooled semen cycle fee: $650.00
Frozen semen cycle fee: $800.00
Collection fee: $400.00
Frozen semen handling fee: $400.00
Single ultrasound check: $150.00

All breeding’s that are purchased through another source other than Jerland Farm, such as a stallion service auction are subject to a $500 handling fee.

All mare owners are required to complete the contract of the stallion they are breeding to. Contracts are found online under the heading of each stallion. This must be done prior to semen shipment. A copy of the mares registration papers is also appreciated.

Training / Care fees

Mare Care (Turn out): $650.00 per month
Mare Care (Stall): $800.00 per month
Mare and Foal Care: $800.00 per month
Foal Care: $800.00 per month

Miscellaneous fees

Mare foaling out : $650.00 One-time expense
Halter Breaking of Foal: $150.00 One-time expense
Body Clip: $200.00
Foal Clip: $100.00
Wire Transfer Fees: Bank Rate
Hauling Fees: Market Values
Photo Shoot Preparation: $150.00

Breeding contracts :: SCID & CA Clear
Clik HERE to download Non Dimenticar J Semen Purchase Agreement.
Clik HERE to download Non Dimenticar J 1/2 Arab Semen Purchase Agreement.
Clik HERE to download Cooled Semen Shipment and Collection Form